Find Me on TicketChat!

Happy Saturday!


Tomorrow I’m having fun with a new app called Ticketchat. It’s a new mobile messaging app which enables you to participate in a conversation marketplace. I love the idea and I’ve been super interested in app startups since I work for one myself.

I’ll talk about some products I purchased recently, relationship stuff, and being vegetarian!

So go into the App Store and search for “TicketChat” then find me! NeutralFig is myusername! (who would’ve guessed that)


Yes, I don’t have any friends yet. It’s brand spankin’ new!

I’m going to update you guys on what time I’ll go live – it’ll be around 12 or 1 (in the afternoon duh).

So please tune in tomorrow with all your questions! I’d love to know what’ been on your mind, not trying to sound like a creep.

You can keep with with TicketChat here: Twitter: @TicketChat and Instagram:





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