Rocksbox Subscription Review + A Gift for YOU :)

The Cost: $19 per month with free shipping both ways

COUPON: Get your first month free with code imkaylacollinsxoxo

The Products: 3 pieces of jewelry tailored to your personal style in every shipment

I love monthly subscription boxes! It’s something to look forward to once a month – a little treat yo self. This company works with designer jewelry at a discounted price.Plus, they give you a monthly $10 credit.

My first box arrived to my house about a week after I signed up – much sooner than I expected. The packaging is adorable and everything inside is personalized just for me, which is also a nice touch. Sadly, I forgot to snap many photos of the packaging of the boxes. 😦 Rookie mistake.

As I mentioned in my unboxing video, there’s a quiz you take so they know your taste. They’re pretty spot on, too. Now, if there are any pieces you were given the you aren’t too fancy of you have the option to pack it back up in the box and send it back. You don’t have to buy a new bag to ship it in OR pay for any postage. Very impressed by this feature.

If you are interested in trying out Rocksbox you can get your first month FOR FREE if you use my code imkaylacollinsxoxo at checkout!

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