New Beginnings: Nashville Edition

So it’s official: I’ve transplanted to Nashville, and have gotten used to life outside Mississippi. Spring has been the perfect time to transition because the weather is ideal, classes are over (for now) and I had a chance to do some major Spring Cleaning.

I’ve been planning this move for about 6 months and it didn’t seem real until the morning I moved. I realized I had to leave because I started my new job in a couple days and had nowhere to sleep in my own apartment in Mississippi. It was surreal and made me want to drag my feet to get ready that morning. However, I took an 8am final and hit the road immediately after.


My new home in Nashville is my favorite. I found it while in Mississippi and it ended up being a keeper! We’ve been here for about 3 weeks and are still looking for the perfect pieces to go in our living room, bedroom and kitchen. It’s a JOB for sure.

The bedroom is so cozy and now that our bedframe is here it actually feels like a bedroom. The first week we had a mattress on the floor. Not ideal. We keep finding the cutest “posters,” they’re actually wrapping paper. At about $3 apiece, they’re super affordable and better than anything we’d find at Urban Outfitters. We find these at craft and paper stores, some from Asheville and others form right here in Nashville.


There’s a musician’s corner where we have…the drums. I’m glad they have headphones. 🙂 I wasn’t thrilled they were going in our bedroom at first, but it’s really not bad at all! Sometimes I even go over and do my thang with them. We also have some shelves up for candles, vinyl and cameras. Between the two of us, we own 5 cameras. Who needs that many?! IMG_2301

The kitchen is a very important place. Max and and I both love to cook so we had to make sure the kitchen is ready for anything we decide to whip up spur of the moment. We’ve been experimenting with the crock pot and it has been very successful!

I’ve been feeling like a kid in a candy story since we do a lot of our shopping at Trader Joe’s. There aren’t any in Mississippi so they are are really missing out! The fruit and veggies are priced well (as well as everything else in the store) and they’re GMO-free. I love it there.


Our coffee is probably the most important thing in our daily routine. I refinished this shelf and found those adorable mid century modern legs to hold it up. (Thanks to my stepdad, Les for helping me put those on!) There are so many options for methods of making coffee but I usually stick to regular drip. It gets the job done for me. Max on the other hand takes the time to perfect the Chemex. Bless him.



Percy has been such a good little traveler! She actually loved being in the car and sat on my shoulders for the majority of the 5 hour ride. Such a relief.

She’s even gotten used to the train that’s directly in our backyard. You can actually see it from our kitchen and bedroom windows! Percy spent the first night in her new home hiding behind the couch, poor thing. Now she’s well adjusted and even has a favorite spot in the windowsill in the bedroom. She hasn’t been idle enough for me to snap a pic yet. She’s always running around the house, being sassy, and playing fetch with her stuffed banana. She rolls around on the floor where the sun hits and lies on top of the couch when we watch television. Shes loves it here, so I guess we can stay.


I love Nashville, my job, my house, my friends. I’ve said multiple times: it’s like I haven’t even moved anywhere new because I’ve been visiting for more than 2 years so I’m familiar with the city. I’m just having to learn how to get around by myself now.

It’s all worth it and I still can’t believe after 22 years, I’ve moved away from Mississippi. I’m not sad but I miss my family every day. If you ever want to move, I’d suggest it to anyone. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Have a date planned and go for it.




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