Run Away From the Fear of Running

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It’s finally acting like spring for most of the afternoon here in Mississippi and the flowers are starting to bloom and everyone is sneezing while chasing their puppies around The Drill Field between classes at Mississippi State.  Some brave souls are looking flawless on their mid-morning jogs around campus – I’m not one of those brave people.

I love finding new ways to incorporate exercise into my daily routine but running is something with which I have a huge love/hate relationship. It makes me pant uncontrollably and I feel like I’m being stared at by everyone around me. However, I feel great afterwards every.single.time. I always know it was worth it even when I wake up sore the next morning.

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Just give it a chance – I know this to be especially true. After nice jog with my earbuds in and sweat dripping down my face, I’m ready to take on anything. On days when I’m stressed out from a school overload or I’m just having a bad day, I immediately get dressed in my workout clothes and somehow convince myself to get out there. You just have to go out there without thinking about it much.

Never have I ever regretted a run or a time I chose to be active. It makes me feel great about my body especially when I’ve been consistent. Spring is literally the perfect time to get out there and embrace its warmth!

Tunes for your travels – I’ve self diagnosed myself with ADD many times throughout my life and the same goes for when I’m exercising. My mind can’t do it without music. I’m not quite sure what that says about me, but you’re likely to find me sitting in the grass playing with flowers if I forgot my earbuds.

Having a go-to playlist for running makes it easier to just press shuffle rather than piddling through Spotify figuring out to whom you want to listen. Here’s my running playlist I keep near and dear to my heart.
(spotify is weird and won’t let me post the playlist)

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Stretch it out – You won’t be running for long if you have an injury. Cold muscles can cause strains even from the shortest of runs and will make you want to stay in bed for the next couple days. Stretching is so vital for a successful run/job/or long walk.


Walking lunges loosen up your quads and hip flexors which are what’s being used most. Just make sure you’re focusing your attention to those legs! Hip circles and stork stretches are easy peasy. You’ll thank yourself later.


Add variety – An inside track can get very repetitive and boring. Mix up your routine and run outside or on a treadmill! Outside is my favorite, especially when it’s hot out.

Having an app like Nike+ Running that keeps track of how many miles you’ve covered and shows you a map when you’re finished it also congratulates you which is always a self esteem booster!


Running and jogging seems like the toughest things to grow to love, but with these little pieces of advice you’re sure to do well. Always remember to mix it up and alternate from track, to road, to treadmill, and don’t forget your water bottle.

If you have any other words of wisdom you’ve learned from experience, please share! I’m already looking on ways to improve!


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