Chattanooga for the Weekend

Last weekend was Valentine’s Day. Ahh, the day normally filled with too much candy and oversized stuffed animals. I got to see Max, which is the best part. Long distance is crazy, but we’ve gotten the whole planning in advance thing down. His brothers and their significant others came too so we got that bonding time in. We always have the BEST time together. They’re my fam and I love them.

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About a month ago, Max ordered Mutemath tickets for the two of us as my Valentine’s Day gift!

It felt like this weekend would never come, but alas, it has come and gone. *sad*

I bought Max’s dinner and got him a little customized cookie from 929 Coffee that said “BB.” Unfortunately, there’s no evidence the cookie ever existed because we ate it the moment I gave it to him!

First of all, Chattanooga is beautiful. Being from Mississippi, I don’t see many mountains. So anytime I see something other than flat land I’m basically freaking out and wanting to move there.

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We got tickets to the Chattanooga Aquarium – that place is huge!

We saw beautiful creatures and I touched a Sturgeon fish. Very unlike me. Surprisingly it wasn’t slippery but felt like a wet rock. Still freaky though!



They have the river and the ocean aquariums, I always find the river creatures the most intriguing because I’m from the South and very familiar with most of those fish. But the ocean aquarium was filled with so many beautiful fish. My favorite are all the pretty jellyfish! Always. I shared my trip on Snapchat. My username is kay0 [that’s a zero] 😉



We stayed at a cute home with AirBnb that fit the four of us comfortably. The host, although we never had a chance to actually meet him, was so kind and worked well with our conflicting schedules. He had a huge bowl of fruit, coffee and tea, and bagels waiting for us when we arrived. Such a great host!

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Frazier Avenue was lined with cute little shops and Clumpies Ice Cream. I maintained self control and only sampled!

One thing I noticed were the footprints on the sidewalk. They were actually little step-by-step instructions on how to dance! I love when a city’s quirkiness is exposed. There were also brick pianos on the sidewalks. So cute!



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Max and I stopped for a quick little cortado at Revelator. I’m familiar with the location in Nashville but had no idea there was one in Chattanooga.

I always need a mid-day coffee break, especially days like that when I’m on the road. I don’t know about you, but a long car ride makes me one tired girl.



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We had dinner The Flying Squirrel, which I will recommend to anyone traveling to Chattanooga, and oh my gosh YUM! I had the tofu tacos and Max had the duck tacos. How can you go wrong there?!

The Flying Squirrel has such a chill vibe. The lights are dimmed and they played 80s new wave. Just my kind of place all around. It’s within walking Distance of Track 29, the venue where Mutemath played.


We had a great time at the show. Max and I have been listening to Vitals since its release so it was great to finally see it all in person. They were completely flawless. One of my favorite parts was when the drummer gave the front row gloves that make drum noises when he gave them high fives. So he was drumming on the audience!


After the show we found a 24 hour diner that felt like something in a movie. I was so tired, my phone was dead, we had been cramped like sardines on the ride over there and I was starving. Not a great combo. I just had a cheesy biscuit (I guess it was breakfast time?!), it was just what I needed. However, next time I’m getting a piece (or whole) cake. They have SO many omg. In spinning display cases, too. So tempting.

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I fell in love with Chattanooga and cannot wait to visit again soon! I had the best Valentine’s Day weekend. ❤



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