Simple Looks That Never Go Out of Style (+ Madden Christopher Discount!)

We live in a world where fashion and what’s in style is in constant motion. Last year’s sweater probably won’t get you as much attention now. Hard to keep up with, right?! That may be true, but there are some pieces that are timeless and still beautiful for today’s millennialist.

Let’s think of it like this: these are classy pieces that can be incorporated into any style to make it more interesting! I rely on these



Your grandmother probably taught you and you still do it when you’re running late OR need a pretty hairstyle for a date. Three strand or fishtail, braids are easy and there are many different ways to incorporate them into your hairstyle. I learned French braid and fishtail braid from YouTube, and you can too!

                                          Here’s a Pinterest board I’ve made for braid-spiration!

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 1.01.21 PM


Red Lipstick

Ah, the mark of a woman who means business. Red lipstick reminds me of the beauties I’ve looked up to like my mom; but you can make it edgy like Gwen Stefani or classic like Audrey Hepburn. It goes with literally everything and instantly makes you look and feel glamorous.



Jeans, shirts, jackets – demin can do no wrong. We wear it more that another fabric, it’s casual or classy, matches everything. I think a demin jacket is a staple every girl (and guy) need in their closet. I’ve had this for close to five years and I can wear it


Simple Jewelry

Every lady needs an accessory or two! They complete a look and add elegance. I used to be a silver girl but have discovered a love for gold pieces like this necklace from Madden Christopher! This a classic circle piece was a gift from the company and I’ve been wearing every day! As a special gift to my readers, use the code NEUTRALFIG20 on their website to get a 20% discount.


These are some simple styles that I always keep in my closet! What are some simple staples in your closet?




2 thoughts on “Simple Looks That Never Go Out of Style (+ Madden Christopher Discount!)

  1. Interesting post! My staple is probably small hoop earrings. They go with practically everything, and add a lot of femininity for just one piece 🙂


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