Mini Meal Prep + Roasted Chickpea Recipe

Whenever I look through blogs or Pinterest for recipes, grocery lists, or meal planning ideas, I use them as basic guidelines; I take from what they have and make it fit what I need.

I’ve always been very fond of meal planning and I love the idea of knowing what you’re eating for the week and having it prepared, but that doesn’t really fit my lifestyle right now. I don’t have time to plan out everything, so instead I make a couple things that’ll last the week. It really makes my life easier, which is what it’s all about, right?!

In a perfect world, I am eating only in-season, organic, and more fruits and veggies. However, right now my goals is to keep those key nutrients in my diet.

Here are a few things I’ve been making on Sunday (or Monday if I’m behind) that makes my week a little easier, especially since I’m juggling school and work.



I didn’t take any photos (I guess because I’m so used to making these!) but every time I go to the grocery, which is about every other week, I buy a package of three heads of romaine. These babies are huge, cheap (around $2.50), and last a couple weeks.

Once a week, I chop up one romaine and toss it in a large bowl with feta and chickpeas, sometimes I add dried cranberries or nuts.

I store it in a large bowl with a lid to keep it fresh or put single-servings in mason jars. That’s so convenient for when I’m going to work or on a trip.

This lasts me the entire week and I usually have some left over, too. This has really helped me control what I eat and it’s always nice to have a healthy meal waiting for you. It’s less temptation to grab for something like CHIPS (my largest weakness).



Okay, first of all, who doesn’t love biscuits? They might not be the most nutritious breakfast item *slaps wrist* but I keep a couple of these ready-to-go so I can grab one out the door on the way to class. I usually take these the days I have 8am classes and not enough time to make a muesli.


I buy the frozen kind and keep them in a ziplock in the fridge.


Hard Boiled Eggs.

I could, and almost do, eat an egg at every meal. They’re little energy boosts for me during the day, and in my opinion, hard boiled eggs are a perfect on-the-go snack. They are in their own packaging! 😜


I make 5 a week and keep them in the fridge so I can just grab one or two on my way out. I add them to salad too!


Roasted Chickpeas.

Hello, my favorite snack!


Chickpeas are awesome in my book anyway you cook ‘em. I love the roasted ones with spices and I added Tabasco (because why NOT).

Here’s a quick recipe for the roasted chickpeas I made!

Roasted Chickpeas:
1 can of chickpeas
Olive oil
Red pepper flakes
Sea salt
Tabasco (if you want them to have a kick!)

Drain the chickpeas
Put chickpeas in a bowl and pour about a tablespoon of olive oil on the chickpeas, just enough to lightly cover them.
shake in spices and a pinch of salt until they’re covered!
Place on a baking sheet, make sure they are spread out.
Bake at 425◦ for 40 minutes, shaking the pan about every 10 minutes (this part is important).

Let cool, store in a jar!


Processed with VSCOcam with a2 preset

These are just a few examples of foods I make to have for the week. This is set as an inspiration and guide for foods you love and can make in bulk for the week! Other things could be, meats, frozen egg muffins, or parfaits! The options are endless.

So now go forth and get your week started right with some meal preppin’!





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