How To Date A Vegetarian


Have you found love but share different eating habits?

For those who eat meat in their regular diet, the word ‘vegetarian’ will make some eyes roll, especially here in the south, or giggle just at the thought. I’ve heard some friends say, “I could never date a vegetarian.” I know things we aren’t familiar with can be scary but I say if you really care about someone you will work at accepting their differences.

I enjoy a plant-based diet and my boyfriend does not. I’ve had people ask me some questions about how we deal with our differences and if we have any challenges when it comes to dinnertime.

It’s really something we’ve grown accustomed to and since we are still in a long distance relationship, grocery shopping hasn’t become a part of our routine. There are definitely some things I’ve learned while in a relationship with someone who has different eating habits than me. It’s something any couple can get familiar with as long as you respect each other’s decisions and support every step of the way

  • Keep an open mind

The choice to become vegetarian, in most cases, comes from the belief we shouldn’t eat animals. That is true in my case, but I personally don’t  judge anyone who eats meat, that’s your own prerogative – do what makes you happy!

Neither of us feel pressured to change and I feel like that is one of the keys to success. Hearing my friends say things like “My husband wouldn’t have married me if I didn’t eat meat,” make me realize how blessed I am.

  • Compromise

Cooking at home hasn’t been an issue; we even have the same meals! We do simple things like cooking the meatless food before the meat in the same pan, so we don’t have to clean as many dishes.

For example: the other night Max and I wanted to make burgers for dinner. I made both of ours – his turkey patty and my black bean patty. I cooked mine first so there wasn’t an issue.

It’s that simple.

Stir-fry, salad, spaghetti, and tacos are all examples of meals that can be made and split in two so your significant other can add their meat! Order a pizza with only half meat. There are so many ways to adhere to both of your needs.

When it comes to eating out, it’s rare to find a restaurant that doesn’t have meatless options so it’s not like we have to go to a vegetarian restaurant on date night. Most vegetarians have figured out how to eat anywhere without any problem. 😉

  • No Pressure

I’m not scared to share my views on being vegetarian or why I think it’s important; I also don’t feel it’s ever right to guilt or pressure anyone. The same goes in my relationship. Max doesn’t taunt me by waving chicken nuggets in my face and I don’t look down on him for eating those chicken nuggets.

It’s just an understood thing we have with each other. We work together in making sure we’re both happy and it just works for us. I haven’t always been vegetarian, so it’s been something we’ve both had to get used to. I’d say we’re doing a pretty good job.


I hope I’ve given you some insight on this subject. It might be a little to get used to, but it’s surely possible if you try.

Have you ever dated anyone who had different eating habits than you? What’d you two do to compromise? Let me know in the comments!





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