4 Signs You’re Ready To Graduate College

College has been a great experience. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to further my education and follow my dreams! I’ve made friends I’ll hold dear for a lifetime and have learned life lessons I need to evolve into an….adult.

I’ve taken classes ‘for fun’ and have had professors who’ve challenged me. I wouldn’t trade one thing; however, I’m halfway though my senior year and I can’t wait to get out.


Partying has lost its luster
Sure, it’s still fun to go out, but going to a friend’s house party and seeing all the belligerent underage kids has really gotten old. You’re ready to go meet up with your gals after work at the wine bar right? (Is that what you do when you grow up?)

You can’t wait to get paid more
How does working part time for $7.25, being a full-time student, and wanting have some money after rent sound to you? You probably won’t know what that’s like until after you’ve graduated college. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to juggle everything while you’re a student. Hang in there.

The thought of paying more money to your University drains your soul
After tuition increases, books, and lab fees you’re spent. But have no fear, Universities have a specialty of nickel-and-diming you until you’re out of there. They even ask for money once you’ve graduated. *eye roll*

You can see the light at the end of the tunnel
Some like the security of college because they don’t have to know what’s next for them; that’s truer when you’re a freshman or sophomore. But once Your junior year ends, most of the time you have an idea of the things you want to accomplish and the places you want to see. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel of your college career is motivation enough to wake up for that 8 o’clock class.


Don’t feel guilty about being ready to start that next chapter in your life. Four, or more, years of college is a long time and it’s almost time to continue on in life. Enjoy this time and live in these moments but we all know that little twinkle in your eye is from knowing it’s almost over.





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