2015 Guy’s Gift Guide

I’ve tried super hard this year to not let myself get far behind on Christmas gifts. Usually, I wait until literally two weeks before and worry my packages won’t arrive OR pay extra for quicker delivery. Anywho, this year I’ve been on top of my game so I thought I’d pass over my tips for gift giving. Let’s start with the basics: accessories, any movies he’s been wanting, or need a new bottle of cologne? Let’s get started!


  • Who doesn’t like a sharp-dressed man? Sometime the men in our lives need a little nudge when picking out a new shirt so stick to a brand or style they tend to buy.
  • Pajama pants are something I know I love receiving, who doesn’t like to get cozy in some fleece PJs?!

    giphy (18).gif


  • So let’s face it: men are stinky (okay that is false) BUT soaps and body wash is always a goodie, especially if the product exfoliates or moisturizes! This product from Burt’s Bee’s has natural ingredients and can do winter skin some good.
  • Beard stuff. Though No Shave November is behind us, some beards are still (thankfully) with us today. Let’s appreciate them and keep them in tiptop shape! Damn Handsome has lots of beard oils and balms.

    giphy (20).gif


  • I recently discovered Birchbox for men! It’s a monthly package filled with skins or hair products, cologne, or gadgets! Who knows what you’ll get??
  • Hulu n Chill? Get your boyfriend a Hulu giftcard and make him buy you ice cream. 🙂
  • Purchasing a year of Spotify Premium is definitely a handy gift as well! Unless you want to listen to T Swift or Adele….

    giphy (22).gif

Home Goods:

  • Let’s face it, candles look and smell great. Paddywax candles have some of the best scents! The Apothecary collection is my fave.
  • Good bar supplies is essential for any entertainer or tailgate party. These bar kits come with everything you need to craft cocktails!

    giphy (23)

Stocking Stuffers:

  • I don’t know about you, but I love guy’s funky dress socks. It shows character and the designs are always interesting. They make the perfect stocking stuffers!
  • Who doesn’t listen to music in the shower? Well now you can with a portable speaker! They’re compact, inexpensive, and a gift that’ll get some use.

    giphy (24)

I hope this list gave you some suggestions and ideas on what to give the men in your life! If you’re still not sure about what to get your lady friends, I’ve got something for you here.



Disclaimer: I am not affiliated or endorsed by any of these brands or products. All opinions and tips are my own.


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