Growth and Photos | November

So let the world know after a few steady months of remaining active I’ve found a name.

It just came to me like a gift, not from my mind but when I heard it, I knew that was it. Thanks, Hunter. Neutral Fig. This, to me, has been such a big a big step. So many ideas have sprouted from the name being in place. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

This year, November has meant Percy getting so big, the due dates I wrote in my planner back in August are sneaking up on me, and I’ve been making four cups of coffee every morning instead of three.

One of the few hopes keeping me going is remembering Christmas break is just a few moons away. Semesters fly by and I notice how fifteen weeks isn’t very long at all.

November has been beautiful and filled with a few of my favorite rainy and overcast days. It’s really the best SWEATER WEATHER and my favorite to shoot. Just the haziness and chill makes me want to Netflix ‘n chill all day with endless mugs of hot cocoa. I plan to partake in that too often over break.

I need  free time – whatever that means. I love having a schedule but school completely overtakes my life during most of the year. I absolutely cannot read a book that isn’t related to class – I just don’t have the time. Knitting is on that list of things to do as well. So much to do in a month.

I’m signing off. Finally ready to decorate for the holidays. Don’t rush time.

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