Working Together

Good morning!

First off, I want to thank everyone who’s been reading week-to-week and going with me through this journey of my final year in college. I’ve been overwhelmed with so many people coming up to me, even strangers, saying they’ve been reading or have been inspired to start their own blog! This is post # 21 and I honestly have learned so much just from writing more and staying organized. You guys are great. ♡

This semester I signed up for a class called Small Group Communication, I wasn’t really sure what we could possibly be doing in there but it’s easily become one of my favorite classes. Throughout the semester we’ve learned different strategies and terms related to working in a group setting whether at work, school, or just among friends. There’s actually a lot that goes on and I have to say now that I’m aware of certain things I’m constantly over analyzing group situations I’m a part of!

I’ve never had a problem with group assignments or completing a task with multiple people but I have been in groups that just flat out suck. I’ve been so lucky to get placed with such a great group this semester. We’ve been named The Muppets and our members are Christy, Kelsi, Mary, and Chandler – we clicked automatically even though we are all so different! It made me realize anyone can become friends if they just give each other a chance.

Our first assignment was to just meet somewhere and hangout for an hour. Easy right? Since we all had different schedules it was always a little difficult to find a time everyone could meet but we realized nighttime was better for all of us. We met at Chandler’s house and talked, laughed, and ate pizza constantly for the longest time.

Our big assignment was to choose, as a group, a community service project and present it to the class. We chose to volunteer our time at the Noxubee Wildlife Refuge in Starkville. It was so much fun! Yes, picking up trash for two hours. Fun. We laughed and joked around the entire time but worked really hard and in the end we had over 15 bags of trash. It rained and the weather was chilly, but we all felt really proud to help keep a beautiful land clean for all the animals and visitors to enjoy.

All of us were soaking wet and freezing by the time we were finished!

I take away from this semester knowing that if everyone has a good attitude it isn’t hard for a group of random students to turn into friends. This semester has been fun with you guys and hopefully we got an A++++. 😉

Here’s a little snippet of The Muppets hard at work!



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