Saving Money In College

During college I’m sure we can all agree on one thing: money is tight. Unfortunately, for many of us, school isn’t the only focus. Juggling between clubs on campus, sporting events, and actually going to class, a part-time job might seem like the last thing you have time for. Even if you do have an income from a job, it’s probably not much so managing money is definitely important. We all need to be able to take care of our bills, school expenses….and of course have some ‘fun money’ left over. 🙂

Here are some great money-saving tips!

1 – Make Your Own Coffee

Since I’ve been making my own coffee at home, I’ve noticed my bank account not getting so low so quickly. I used to go to Starbucks or 929 almost every day! A Grande Starbucks latte is $3.45, that’s almost $50 a month when I was going three times a week. Insane.

I still have an occasional study date with my friends from time to time but that’s few and far between. It’s been a super easy habit to kick and it also gives me more time to get ready since coffee shop lines can be ridiculously long in the mornings.

2- Start Cooking!

In my earlier college…and definitely high school days, I ate out for almost every meal. I mean, why not? It’s so convenient, right? Well that definitely gets expensive too. Going to the grocery store instead of Taco Bell can really benefit your wallet..and diet! There are so many easy breakfasts and dinners to make at home.

3 – Get a Netflix Account

Netflix n chill can actually save you a ton of money! Cable or satellite TV is so expensive these days and Netflix, after tax, is only $8.55 a month! So much better than $60+ dollars; plus, you have so many shows at your fingertips.

Since its getting Halloween time Netflix has added so many scary movies this month! I’ve already started binge watching!

4 – Budget, Budget, Budget

Since living in my own apartment and getting a job, I’ve learned a great deal on how to budget the money I need for ‘cost of living’ and still have money leftover for fun. This is one of the things that sucks most about growing up and being on your own but it’s nice to be able to be up-to-date and keep your money balanced. It also helps to download your bank app if your bank offers one. There you can see how much money you have and all your transactions.

5 – Rent Your Textbooks.

I repeat. Rent your textbooks. I seriously saved about $200 this semester. Some angel told me about this website called textbookly. On the website, you search the ISBN number and it shows you compared rent/buy prices for a list of textbook websites. I wish someone had told me about this website before. It really helps!

Or if you’re looking to buy for a cheaper price, look on Facebook buy/sell/trade pages for universities. You’ll be amazed at what you can find from your fellow classmates.


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