Staying 100% This Semester

It never fails when the end of summer approaches I’m bummed the break is over and days spent doing nothing are coming to an end; but really the time comes right when I’m starting to get bored again (which happens too often). I look forward to moving back into my apartment, buying school supplies, and getting used to going to bed before 1am. The structure of the school year is what I like most about that time of year and the fresh start is what I’ll miss when I graduate, and of course the scheduled breaks throughout the year.

But lo and behold the point in the semester comes when I have a metal breakdown. I mean, not entirely – I just get super stressed out and I start to hate every thing for a week or so. It comes to me about this time, around the middle of the semester. There are always the classes I excel in but the ones I have to work hard in, those are the ones I worry about. Even if I still have a relatively good grade, I just feel like the end of the world is upon me.

However, I prevail – I never let my scholastic troubles consume me because I have a foolproof method for staying on top of my school work.

  1. Stay Organized

    The paper that isn’t due until the end of the semester? Write it down so you don’t forget. Because you probably will. Being organized is a vital part in being successful this semester. Getting behind on assignments can hinder your productiveness because everything may start to feel overwhelming. And really it’s nice to see tasks for the whole month in front of you and that helps you see the light at the end of the tunnel (aka winter break!!!).
    I’m new to the world of planners (mine is similar to this) and I write in it every day! I jot down my work schedule and little reminders too; it really helps me stay on track.
  2. Schedule Study Time

                So you’ve organized your planner with all your assignments, that’s all good and dandy but you need to set aside time to get them completed. Packing up and basically setting up camp in the library has personally been soo beneficial for me this semester.
    It doesn’t matter where you land, as long as you are consistently setting aside time to study. It’s a little easier to figure out what time works best now that we’ve been in these classes for a little while now and know what our schedule holds.
    Scheduled study time ensures homework getting complete and tests being studies for so you don’t have to be stressed out later. I always like to get my work finished during the week so I don’t even have to touch a book on the weekend!
  3. Take Break

              All the study guides, math labs, and papers can make your mind fuzzy; and sometimes we have a habit of overworking ourselves and that can really cause stress levels to rise. Taking time outs during studying is a sure way to stay sane.
    Walk around the library, go for a jog, or watch your TV show you missed while you were studying so hard – anything. Just make sure you eventually make it back to your desk.
  4. Reward Yourself

    After studying all night or taking a test, you deserve looking forward to treating yourself! It’s a little reminder that you’re doing a good job and motivation to persevere.
    Staying in the constant motion of attending class and nonstop homework is a sure way to burn out. There’s no time for that, we’re so close to the end already! Be good to yourself. It’ll make you so much happier and make the whole school thing more bearable.
  5. Breathe

    As students we have so much to keep up with on a daily basis and school AND a job or campus activities can be a lot to handle. Remember as a student, you’re doing great things and you’ll make it. School can be so hard and stressful, but at the end it’ll all be worth it.Just breathe. You’ve got this. We’re halfway through the semester.



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