Vegetarian: Round 2

I love change – my hair, clothes….diet? Everything. I think that’s why I’ve been so curious with trying out vegetarianism over the past couple years. I had a six-month run with it last year, but I gave in to chicken wings.

I do, however, respect the lives of animals and that is another reason why I have began this journey all over again. I have a couple vegetarians in my family, and growing up I never thought of it as anything unusual. I just knew grandma didn’t like meat? And since I spent a lot of time with her growing up, it was just normal to me.

Also, the convenience of popping nuggets into the oven is tempting, but that’s where Gardein and Morning Star comes in. I love their chik’n nuggets, buffalo strips, and ground beef crumble! Life has been easier since discovering these little babes. I would to love cook an elaborate meal three times a day, but unfortunately as a college student I don’t have time for that. The ‘fake meat’ gives me the convenience I need as a student and it’s full of flavor! (Oh, and sriracha on everything)

I also really enjoy Boca and Morningstar veggie burgers; they’re very filling and easy to make. I’ve brought them to my family cookouts and everyone always giggles and tells me “Oh that looks interesting.” The veggie burgers are cooked on the grill (usually right next to the veggies) and are ready in no time. I think they’re great; I’ve never been a fan of regular beef burgers anyway.

            My friends have been supportive with my eating habits; a couple of us make dinner and hangout one night of the week and they always take into consideration I don’t eat meat. It always makes me feel warm and fuzzy they remember those little things.

– – – – – – – –

A few tips I have for someone wanting to try a meatless diet would be:

  • DON’T buy junk food – snack on fruit or carrots and hummus!
  • It’s okay you’re the only vegetarian in your group
  • Keep plenty of rice, beans, and bread on hand!

If your friends decide they want fast food, don’t fret. Taco Bell has just announced their vegetarian–friendly menu, I think it’s basically their regular menu without the meat(?) but still great. So be like me and you can sub beans for almost ANYTHING! I recommend getting a quesadilla without meat; I love the sauce!

Trying out a meatless lifestyle isn’t hard during college when you have access to the fake meat products and your friends and family take your eating habits into considerations.

I know I haven’t mentioned anything about actually eating vegetables and fruits, but I do. Usually I have pre-made smoothies individually bagged in the freezer, I make weekly trips to the grocery store for produce, and I am always surfing Pinterest and reading cookbooks for new ideas. It’s so easy to make every meal FUN.



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