Mid Week Break

Some good friends and I hopped in the car and rode down to the Noxubee Refuge yesterday afternoon. The refuge is so beautiful and perfect to shoot for my photography class.

Yesterday happened to be the first day of fall, which means all the leaves will soon be changing to yellow and orange and the days will slowly become shorter. Mmmm. Can’t wait!

I anticipate the bonfires and hammock-ing in the upcoming season. (And sweaters I will wear!)

We walked down a trail to the water where it’s dried up from the summer months; the knots are part of the ground climbed on them and looked into the little crawdad holes. While driving down we counted almost ten alligators in the lake so I was certain we would see more one we reached the bank off the trail. But nope.

I came home and found bug crawling all over me, I was sweaty and hungry, but I’m so glad we took time out of our busy week to forget about homework and explore and laugh with each other. Thank you, friends.

Here are some of the shots I got and a video of our day  ~



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