Only Not Lonely

Growing up an only child, I had to make fun for myself and discover some interests and hobbies without anyone else around who was my age. You might think of that as a challenge, but it was all I ever knew and I turned out just fine!

I’ve met countless people who when I tell them I grew up as an only child, they respond with “Oh my gosh that sound so boring,” or “What did you do for fun?”

I played outside with my dogs, my grandma taught me how to sew and cook, and of course I always had plenty of cousins to play with.

Now that I’m older, I notice being a little different than some of my other friends, and that’s okay. I don’t know if it’s just who I am, or if it’s actually from being raised without other children in the house, but I love hanging out with myself.

When my boyfriend lived in Nashville, which is about a 4.5-6 hour drive depending where I left from, I hopped in the car and went by myself countless times, sometimes at random too.

One of my favorite things is to drive for hours listening to my playlists and just feel limitless to the road in front of me. When I travel alone, I feel free to go wherever, whenever. I will say, the first few times I did have an anxiety attack or two, but now I’m used to it, so I only feel excitement!

It wouldn’t be unordinary to find me solo shopping or sitting at a coffee shop for hours knitting or reading.

I go on lunch dates with myself when others can’t make it. You’d think it’s awkward but I just always like to sit facing the door so I can people watch. 😉

I’ve always been envious of those who do have siblings and the bond you can only have with your sister or brother.

However, now at twenty-one, I have two step-siblings – who I adore, and am glad I now know what it’s like to have someone to call ‘sister’ and ‘brother.’ IT’S SO FUN. I can do sibling things with them and it is wonderful. I’m glad I’ve gotten to experience both sides of the spectrum.

That's Dylan and Breanna!

Dylan, Breanna, and I a couple years ago



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