What it’s REALLY Like to Live with One of Your Best Friends

When I was in high school, I was always told I’d meet my true friends in college; I found that to be true very early during my freshman year at community college. I had SO many new compadres, all from different places in Mississippi, however there were a few special people I’d spend the night with often, meet up with after every class, and really get close to. One of those special friends goes by the name Glenda (Yes, like the good witch).

We moved in together second semester and had the greatest time. I remember always having people in our room studying, laughing, getting ready (for hours) – you name it. We also kept our room very tidy, which is one of the reasons we work together so well.

One of our first pictures together

One of our first pictures together! – 2012

Glenda moved dorms for sophomore year, but we were still always in each other’s rooms. Once it came time to start applying for University, we both chose Mississippi State and just kind of knew it’d be awesome to get an apartment together. I mean, if we can share a one-room dorm, we can share a townhouse, right? Yep. This is our senior year and we are still together.

She loves me, see?

She loves me, see?

Some real-life reasons why rooming with a close friend is a great idea…

We Cook Together

Most nights in our apartment we are in each other’s way while trying to cook our own food; but every once in a while we make one big happy family dinner. Last week we made vegetarian taco bowls. Wife us.

We make snacks, desserts, and we even go grocery shopping together from time to time – we’re like a little family (AWWW).


We always have someone to talk to

Even when you are sassy and independent like the two of us, sometimes you just have a bad day. Luckily, I can come home and vent all of my problems to Glenda. It’s part of her duty as a friend and she knows I’m always there for her as well.


We’re both kids at heart

Glenda and I talk all the time about how we can’t believe we’re 21; we stay in our PJs until after lunchtime and watch Sponge Bob way too often to be considered adults! We even drive an hour to the Central Mississippi Fair to play fair games and ride all the big kid rides. Or if we’re super bored we just play truth or dare (actually just dare) and ding dong ditch. I’m surprised we haven’t rolled anyone’s house yet! No shame, ladies and gents.

Oldie (look at that perm)

Oldie (look at that perm)

We love rides

Central MS Fair 2015 (time has been good 2 us)

Life is never boring

On any normal week day night after we’ve done our homework or whatever, you can usually find us taking a walk around our neighborhood (sometimes ending in the bar), having movie/pizza/win night, dance parties, or playing hide and seek around our house. Even doing the dishes is interesting in our humble abode…

Yes, I do dishes in my towel

Yes, I do dishes in my towel

She has some sick moves

She has some sick moves

So don’t be discouraged if someone says living with your gal pal isn’t the best idea. I’m sure it doesn’t work for every duo but it’s definitely worth a shot!

Here's to senior year!

Here’s to senior year!


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