My Favorite Things

I am very particular about the little everyday necessities I choose– from soap to make-up, it’s all a big deal. Not everything works the first time, so it’s on to the next thing. I discover new products in all sorts of places from products I see on Instagram, to stumbling upon a shop in a new city. I find myself satisfied with products that may cost a little more, but definitely are worth the extra penny. These are some products you would definitely find in my bathroom

1. Sea Vegetable, LUSH

My boyfriend introduced me to LUSH one day when I visited Nashville. Their soap is SO wonderful. It kills me to walk into their store and not buy anything. I love them because they don’t support testing products on animals, they use the freshest ingredients, and they tell you who made your soap (See #4), which is super cool and makes it personal. I was given a couple Sea Vegetable bars for Christmas this year. In the soap is seaweed and sea salt to soften your skin and has LAVENDER scent, which is my absolute favorite.

Sea Vegetable

Sea Vegetable

2. Ginger Pumpkin Cleansing Conditioner, Wen

I am still in the very basic pumpkin phase, even with my ‘shampoo.’ Wen is a wonderful brand of hair cleanser; technically, it’s called cleansing conditioner. This cleansing conditioner doesn’t lather or have harsh chemicals, in other words, it doesn’t strip your hair of its natural oils, which leads to a healthier scalp and stronger hair. It took a little while to get used to, the first time I used it I thought it was weird because it didn’t lather. But my hair is the healthiest it’s ever been. This stuff is great!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

3. Naked2 Palette, Urban Decay

I have never had more fun doing my makeup. I am in love with this palette. I’ve never been into crazy eyeshadow (okay, except for when I did the blue shadow in 5th grade) so these colors are perfect for me. They have matte and sparkly colors so there are lots of combinations to choose from. It’s a little expensive, but I’ve already gotten my money’s worth from it. I use this everyday. It. Is. Great.

Naked2 palette

Naked2 palette

4. The Greeench deodorant, LUSH

For the longest time I had a problem with deodorants like Secret. Even after long showers and scrubbing I would STILL smell like deodorant. I could not stand it, but ya gotta wear it or your friends will tell you that you SMELL BAD. Fortunately, I stumbled upon this powder on the LUSH website. I also received this for Christmas, so I’ve been using it for a few weeks, and I love it. It works as well as any regular deodorant, doesn’t have weird chemicals, and it actually washes off in the shower. So glad I found it.

The Greeench

The Greeench

5. Silk Infusion, CHI

Last but certainly not least, silk infusion. I quit straightening my hair cold turkey every month or two, but when I do, I HAVE to use this. It has saved my hair from heat damage and doesn’t make it greasy. It has a great smell, leaves my hair extra soft, and helps me feel better about putting 300+ degree tools on my hair. It is a little expensive for 6oz, but it’s a necessity to me.

Silk Infusion

Silk Infusion


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